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We aim to build collaborative projects which connect agriculture, local trade and cultural tourism with the aim to build and strengthen locally closed value chains – from the production through transformation to consumption.

The main objectives are to increase the local added value generated through tourism and to distribute this added value to other economic sectors of the valley.

In this way, tourism can contribute to the sustainable economic development of the region and can play an important role to preserve (and increase) local workplaces, as well as maintaining know-how and tradition.


Business Incubators

Much like new life must be incubated, the same can hold true for small community enterprises. Starting a business on the right foot is essential to its ultimate survival. Business incubators are programs designed to aid in the successful development of entrepreneurial companies.

We believe there are 5 main types of assistance for effective entrepreneur development systems at the state, regional or local level:

  1. Entrepreneurship education and training
  2. Technical assistance and counseling
  3. Access to capital
  4. Entrepreneurial networking
  5. Supportive culture and policy

We guide communities through the 4 major steps in entrepreneurship program development:


  1. Strategy: Pursue a realistic economic opportunity
  2. Leadership: Build and connect local capacity
  3. Implementation: Create value for the entrepreneurs
  4. Sustainability: Leverage resources to maintain momentum