Our volunteers are changemakers, ready to partner with communities and make a difference. I am Peru is unique, as is every volunteer’s service.


I am Peru considers volunteering as a valuable asset for the sustainability of our projects and as a contributing factor to social development. This is a learning experience for both the host and the visitor and should be treated as such. Your daily activities depend on your desire to dive into the village. You can accompany the family in their agricultural activities, help at school or with a community association. We will adapt the program to your needs and objectives.

We need volunteers to keep our education programs up and, as such, make it a priority to offer valuable and ethical volunteer practices in a variety of programs and contexts. It is extremely important for us that volunteering in our communities has a positive impact on the community and does not harm it, which is an extension of the philosophy of our organization. We are careful to ensure that the community drives the programs and we are proud to receive our volunteers, investing not only in education but also in socio-economic development.

As an I am Peru volunteer, you will receive a resource page before your arrival, which includes links to articles on culture, history, food, expectations and helps with logistics and preparation.

In addition, within our volunteer program, we maintain regular communication, promoting an environment of safe and productive dialogue so that our international and local volunteers share experiences and learn from each other, thus enriching our understanding of what service we provide to a community. These dialogues will challenge volunteers to think more deeply about community development.


Events Volunteers

We need events volunteers to staff our fair-trade textile booths, as well as assist at local fundraising and awareness events. If you don’t have the time to commit to a leadership position, but want to be a casual volunteer in London or Madrid, this could be a great fit for you. For more information, contact

Volunteer Opportunities (Cusco, Peru)

Marketing and Events Coordinator

We are looking for a great communicator with considerable experience in social media, photography, marketing, and event organization to promote our programs and elevate our partnering communities’ voices and stories in a way that aligns with our mission and values. Approximately 15 to 20 hours per week, minimum 6-month commitment. Based in Cusco, Peru. Start Date: ASAP

unication and interpersonal skills.

A basic knowledge of Spanish


Living Conditions

Northern Peru is mountainous and due to the altitudes, can be cool to cold at night. Most communities do have electricity and almost all have running water, but that does not guarantee a steady, continuous supply of either. Fruits, vegetables, and meats are available either in site or in nearby communities. Access to internet isn’t always guaranteed in the communities and a mobile phone is a must have. We will help you to get a local SIM card in order to maintain communication with our team.

Peru is a very traditional and religious society. People’s roles in regards to gender, work, and society are clearly define. Volunteers must be aware, tolerant, and respectful of their practices, customs, and way of life.

How Can You Help?

If you have expertise and/or training in engineering, medicine, dentistry, organic greenhouses, permaculture, sustainable high-mountain agriculture, husbandry, ecological constructions, energy-efficient buildings, marketing, social media, fundraising or I.T. we would be interested in hearing from you.

We expect our volunteers to be organized, self-sufficient and have at least intermediate conversational Spanish.

All volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of 3 months (for shorter, specialized commitments, please contact us).


  1. Read the Terms & Conditions (see below).
  2. Send an email with the subject link stating “Volunteer for ” to (see examples above under “How Can You Help?”)
  3. Attach your resume to the email.
  4. In your email tell us why you’d like to volunteer for Living Heart Peru.


  1. All volunteers must be mature and self sufficient (over the age of 21).
  2. Volunteers are responsible for all costs during their time volunteering for Living Heart Peru, this includes: accommodation, food, transport and materials to complete the volunteering. If available, Living Heart Peru can provide some of the materials as well.
  3. Living Heart Peru does not believe in charging volunteers a formal fee for volunteering.  On that basis, we like to supply the volunteer with as much information on local costs for accommodation, transport and food with suppliers whom we have good relationships.  The information is subject to change at any time and will be notified to the volunteer upon Living Heart Peru’s awareness of the change.
  4. The start point for volunteering is our office in Pisac near Cusco
  5. On arrival, volunteers will be met by a Living Heart Peru representative and given a welcome orientation.  During the orientation, an agreement will be made between Living Heart Peru and the volunteer as to what the volunteer will accomplish and in what time frame.
  6. Volunteers are responsible for all pre-departure travel checks such as vaccination recommendations and visa requirements.  (Many guidebooks and online services are available for this information.  Additionally your home country government foreign office should be able to provide the latest travel to Peru information).
  7. Living Heart Peru request to see proof of travel insurance covering hospitalisation and in extreme cases repatriation costs covering the period of time the volunteer will be with Living Heart Peru.
  8. We do not take a deposit from volunteers to secure their places.  We understand emergencies and changes occur in life and would appreciate the maximum possible notice from the volunteer in the event that they are unable to volunteer as agreed.  This helps Living Heart Peru to maintain a good trusting reputation and relationship with the communities without which we could not offer volunteers the opportunity to help.
  9. All volunteers are responsible for their health during the time of volunteering and as such, volunteers should be aware that our communities are situated at very high altitudes between 3000m – 4000m with travel over passes that reach up to 4500m in places.  Altitude sickness is a serious condition and all volunteers should take advice from their medical practitioners in their own country before travelling to volunteer at these altitudes.
  10. Living Heart Peru reserve the right to ask a volunteer to leave at any time in the event that the volunteer is not upholding their promise to help us in a responsible respectable manner; or should the volunteer take any unnecessary risks that can cause damage or harm to the communities or Living Heart Peru’s reputation itself.
  11. All volunteers must respect our Child Protection Policy, which involves keeping names, and locations of the projects in confidence at all times.

This document, TERMS and CONDITIONS, is subject to change at any time without notice.

For more information leave your name, email and tell us a little about yourself in the form below.

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Volunteers work to encourage economic opportunities. They frequently teach in classroom settings and work with small business owners to develop and market their products. 

Some Volunteers also teach basic computer skills, connecting people to the global marketplace.