I am Peru was founded in 2018 by Stephen and Christie Lovegrove. Their inspiration for starting the organization was after seeing how often the needs of the socio-economically challenged in rural Peru were left unanswered. Issues aligned with poverty, low-income diversity and limited access to education result in little opportunity for many inhabitants of the predominantly agricultural communities which lie scattered across the formidable Andes mountains and Amazon basin.

A lack of social foundations leaves an absence of the necessary conditions for sustainable progress. Poor health & nutrition, weak education, inequality, and physically demanding lives all contribute to problems that are passed from generation to generation. Government programmes demonstrate little prioritization for human development. Increased migration from rural areas the younger generation is becoming increasingly disconnected from their identity in culturally rich areas.

I am Peru was formed to help provide people with the tools to have more control over their lives and fulfill their potential. We use traditional activities to create social initiatives which can help to change lives.



Engendering social initiatives and creating a better life for vulnerable communities.


An equitable and socio-economically diverse society that will value the past and embrace the future. We will provide growth through the organic development of social enterprises in vulnerable populations.


  • Sustainable social and economic development
  • Conservation of identity
  • Equality and Equity
  • Respect for people, communities, and cultures
  • Stewardship: We honour our heritage by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible
  • Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and positive change



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